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InvenTrac. A New Way to Do Business.
Our web-based tracking and reporting program offers our customers with valuable information about inventory, traffic and movement of their brochures. It’s the combination of our in-vehicle laptop inventory system and an intelligent proprietary software program that delivers factual detail in a user-friendly format. In addition, because it’s completely secure and accessible at your convenience through our website, not only will you have the information readily available, but you can trust the accuracy.

As a Brochure Distribution Services customer, you automatically receive our state-of-the-art InvenTrac tracking and reporting system. A web-based, secure program, we are the only intercept marketing company in the Smoky’s to offer such a valuable tool.

InvenTrac Advantages
  • Daily updates automatically to your account
  • Inventory status for better control and planning
  • Access to your reports on your time – 24 hours a day
  • Secure access with personal password
  • Detail by location regarding traffic counts, pull rates and comparisons to other brochures in the same location 
  • User-friendly formats including downloadable reports
  • Customers with multiple companies can view all reports once logged in
  • Basic InvenTrac program at no additional charge
  • Inventrac Premier program for even greater tracking and monitoring (nominal annual fee applies)
The InvenTrac Program.
All customers are immediately enrolled in InvenTrac at no additional charge. You will receive:
  1. User name and password assignment
  2. Current inventory levels
  3. Shipments in and out of the BDS inventory
  4. Current rack location lists

InvenTrac Premier. Taking Your Business to the Next Level.
As an Inventrac Premier customer, you will also receive the following information and value-added services. We’ll take your business to the next level by providing invaluable, real time data and expert marketing services. For an additional annual fee, you will also receive the following services.

  1. Detailed on-line distribution reports & distribution statistics
    • Exact distribution reports in all racks by category
    • Exact demographic breakdowns & percentages by
      • location
      • location type
      • geography
      • day
      • time (where applicable)
      • sit-down vs. fast food
      • inbound vs. outbound road side
      • in relation to entire rack
      • industry breakdown by rack (ie., rafting vs. shows vs. food)
  2. Current rack availability reports to enable a customer to request placement into specific racks as they become available
  3. Bi-annual evaluation of the brochure’s effectiveness based on
    • brochure movement
    • rack movement to uncover trends
  4. Recommendations for brochure development including design input
  5. Consultation services to maximize all marketing aspects
  6. Brochure sampling as an additional option (price based on scope and scale of sampling)