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At BDS. it’s the results that we deliver for our customers that makes a difference. With more than 200 customers, BDS continues to offer the highest quality personal service, ideal rack locations and real results that keeps our customers coming back year after year.

“Brochure Distribution Services offers my company the ability to customize an in-area marketing campaign by being able to select the exact areas and/or businesses we want to target. Their service goes on step further than any other – with real time tracking. They are able to give me exact counts on how our brochures are moving relative to their location. This gives my clients the ability to target their potential customers with pinpoint accuracy as opposed to the typical “shot gun” approach of area distribution. We save time and money with Brochure Distribution Services.”
Eric Bennecker
Eric Bennecker & Associates

“We have found that no one does the job that Brochure Distribution does in getting out our brochures. It is one of the keys to our success and we are very happy with the service.”
Marty Proffitt, General Manager
The Track

“The distribution of our printed marketing materials is of vital importance to our company. We looked closely at all aspects of the companies that provide this service. We feel very comfortably in saying that Brochure Distribution Services is a partner we are very proud to have and they will do all they can to support our future growth in the business community.”
Bill Lucey, Owner
Rainforest Adventures

“The efficiency of Brochure Distribution Services has saved us time and money. Their commitment to community has provided returns for us without a doubt. They're great!”
Kathy Doyle
Ober Gatlinburg

“We are very satisfied with the job that BDS is doing and use them as our exclusive brochure distribution company. Their professionalism and integrity has been outstanding.”
Judy Baily, President
Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community

“I would recommend Brochure Distribution Services to any business in the Sevierville area. They're service has been a great asset to Fireworks Supermarket. Since we began using BDS, our customer base has increased dramatically.”
Mark C. Meredith, General Manager
Fireworks Supermarket